2018 Recap

Well, 2018 was pretty friggin’ awesome. Traveled a whole bunch, graduated from High School and started College (which is the bomb-diggity). I met so many amazing people and made some tight friends, I also met my boyfriend… yay! haha!! It’s hard to pick one thing out of everything that was my favorite. There was just too much good, nothing to complain about for sure. I made this photo blog just as a reflection. From high school to now college… this year feels like it was two different years. Anyways… here’s me presenting 2018 !!!


Built a house in Mexico with my family
Went to Disneyland with my Communications Class


Went to the Daddy-Daughter Dance with my pops


Went to the Grand Canyon with my best friend
Went to the Renaissance Festival


Took Senior Pictures… felt like a boss
Went to prom in a Quincenera dress 🙂


Went to my bestie’s prom as her date
Graduated from High School !!
Went to Slide Rock with my bffle


Went to Colombia
Fell in love with all the kiddos in Colombia
Went to my very last church camp with the ultimate Girl Gang


Went on a Kenya Mission Trip
Played games, soccer, and sang worship !
And cried way too many times about leaving these great kiddos


Got into the best sorority: Chi Omega !!!!
Met my best friends before going out to my first Frat Party haha


Loved on my school and went to the football game!
Got my Chi O family and the BEST. BIG. EVER.
All Chi’s No Guys Pool Party with my sister squad


Had the best Family Weekend :’)
Got New Member Presented by my biggie
Enjoyed Homecoming with Zeta Psi at the Great Gatsby dance
Met the bestest boy and spent way too much time on FaceTime


Got to go home for an amazing Thanksgiving
Finally got to hang out with my cutie boyfriend *Big Heart Eyes*
Went to Cookie Cabin for All House Sisterhood and ate way too much Pizza, S’mores, and Cookies


Went to Semi Formal with my homies
Finally finished with first semester in time for the annual Christmas Show with my family
Family & Christmas…. obviously a highlight
and on that very last day, December 2018 I got to fly out to visit my Boyfriend… 🙂 happy as a clam

2018 you did me good, 2019 I can’t wait to see what this year holds.