Wildly Wanderlusty

Here’s a quick description of me; I love people fearlessly and ferociously, I want to travel the entire world and meet many different people, and I have exactly $4o in my bank account most days as a college student. I hear people all the time say, “I would travel but, I don’t have any money.” Or, “I would love to do that but, I can’t afford it.” Trust me, I hear you. The struggle is so real. My goal to be a teacher after college isn’t really going to help me much in the money making department. But, I refuse to give up my dream.

My Latest flight

I want to see every inch of the world, and I plan on getting quite close. I just read an article on 15 best places to backpack to… Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Georgia seem pretty awesome. On this blog I will be writing about my tiny Arizona trips, my far-away trips, and my wild wanderlust goals that seem so far fetch but, one day, I will accomplish.

Sri Lanka- Photo by: Salt in Our Hair Travel blog

In order to see the world, I need to be savvy. On my parents dime I have been to places such as the U.S. Virgin Islands– St. Thomas and St. John, Hawaii, Seattle, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mexico, Oregon, California, New York, Colorado, and a few more states… this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the places I want to go.

Baby Sis on the beach in St. Thomas

On my own I have gone to Kenya, Colombia, and I’ve practically seen all of Arizona. I have found ways not pay for much and I am very excited to indulge all of my secrets and hints and tricks. My hope is that while writing this blog about past things, new trips and opportunities will come along and I will be able to write about more and more.

Elephant Orphanage in Kenya

I am wildly wanderlusty. I will see the world, stay tuned. 🙂